Call For Woolies To Make Supermarket Aisles One-Way To Help Social Distancing

Shoppers are calling for the supermarket giant to add a new measure following on from their recent rules around social distancing in stores.

As of Monday, the supermarket giant put in place a number of precautions to help aid in the enforcement of social distancing within their stores.

However while the new measures, which include using your shopping trolley as a distancing guide and following floor markings throughout the store, have been helpful, many shoppers are still not practicing the four square metre rule when collecting items from the aisles.

That's why a number of shoppers have shared their thoughts on the Woolworths Facebook page, making a suggestion that might make this easier to implement.



Woolworths And Coles 'Suspend' Specials After Unprecedented Stock Demand

Customers have noticed the specials catalogues from the supermarket giants have been looking lighter than usual.

Many Woolworths customers have put forward an idea to make the shopping aisles one way, in order to make it easier to keep a distance from other shoppers.

"Could we make the aisles one way to help with the social distancing?" shopper Ken Simpson asked.

"Hi Woolworths, just an idea to help with distancing -- would you consider making aisles one way only? Just an idea -- you guys are doing a great job in very uncertain times," another customer ‎Natalie Morieson‎ added.

Woolworths have introduced a new queuing system which sees customers stand on floor markers as they are funneled to the checkouts. Image: Supplied

Shopper Julie Keena made the same suggestion, noting it is difficult to keep an adequate distance within the aisles.

"Most people will go up and down each aisle shopping, however, we currently cross paths when peeps skip aisles or are just doing a quick shop," Keena explained.



Woolworths Installs Protective Screens At Checkouts

Woolworths is updating its cash registers to better protect staff and customers during the coronavirus outbreak.

The suggestion comes while Woolworths is currently enforcing a number of other measures to help protect their staff as well as their customers in store.

Stores are currently rotating their checkout staff every two hours to ensure face-to-face interactions are limited and asking customers to pack their own shopping bags as a further protection measure. If your shopping bag is not clean, Woolworths will also offer to replace it free of charge.

These two measures were added to already existing practices which came into place last week, including the rollout of plexiglass screens on manned checkouts, a store greeter to wipe down baskets and inform customers of any changes and encouraging the use of tap and pay where possible.

Some self service checkouts have been closed to aid with social distancing. Image: Supplied

The stores have further been increasing their regular cleaning, putting in place additional deep cleaning and hygiene processes and security guard coverage across every store.

“Our social distancing measures have been well received by our customers and team members to date and we’re grateful for the community support of this important public health effort,” Woolworths Supermarkets Managing Director, Claire Peters said.

"Our teams, suppliers and logistics partners continue to work hard behind the scenes to improve product availability for our customers in-store. We thank our customers for their understanding as we work through these challenging times together."

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