Aussie Convenience Store Has Perfect Antidote For Panic Buyers

There are few times when we praise stores for hiking their prices up.

But if the last week has taught Australian anything as measures are put in place by the government to stop the spread of coronavirus, it's that nothing is impossible.

And in an attempt to ward of panic buyers, a convenience store based on Sydney's Redfern, has done just that. Increase their prices.



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Placing a sign in their toilet paper aisle, Redfern Convenience Store has updated their pricing on the product while we face a toilet paper shortage thanks to panic purchasing.

The pricing states one packet of toilet paper is $3.50, while the price for two packets skyrockets to $99.

Under the pricing the sign reads: "Don't be greedy, think of the other people."

"For all our customers. We do have toilet paper and we are doing our best to keep them in stock for you," the caption on the store's post read.

"Please only buy what you need don’t buy to "stock up“ as a lot of people are desperate for one roll. From the Greatest Redfern Convenience Store we wish all the best."

Their update has since gained over 10,000 likes on Instagram, with many shoppers commenting in praise of the store's decision to ward off panic purchasing of toilet paper.

"Love you guys. Thank you for being open and helping people during this time!" wrote one.



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"That's brilliant!" television presenter Sally Obermeder added.

The convenience store replied, noting that their tactic has been working a treat.

"Every one should do that. After we put the sign, everyone was buying one pack and no one asked us to try to get another one," they said.

"I saw the smile on our customers' faces as they know we won’t run out."

Featured image: Instagram

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