The Easter Show Is Cancelled But You Don’t Have To Miss Out On Showbags

Countless events have been cancelled in Australia due to coronavirus risks, but few bigger than fortnight-long Sydney's Royal Easter Show.

Stacks of cash had already been poured into the event, to purchase goods and services in the leadup, which has left lots of operators out of pocket.

It's also a disappointment for those who attend the show year in year out, as well as families and kids who look forward to the event.

One of the most exciting activities of the day, particularly for children (but let's be honest, adults too) is going to the showbag hall and purchasing everything from chip and lolly bags to gag bags.

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Chicane Showbags, who has been providing the Sydney Royal Easter Show with showbags for the last 20 years of the 50 they have been around, said they were devastated the show wouldn't be going ahead this year.

“The Sydney Easter Show is the largest event on our calendar and we have been planning for the last 12 months. We were so excited to bring our best range of showbags ever to the Show," Emily Williams, Co-Owner of Chicane Showbags, said.

"While this is a huge blow for our small business, we understand the health of Australians is the most important thing.”

The Sydney Royal Easter Show was cancelled. Image: AAP

But the good news is that from today, over 65 showbags will be available to purchase online, so no one has to miss out.

"We have been working furiously to prepare our warehouse to despatch showbags and our full range is now available online. You may have missed out on the Easter Show, but you can still get your showbags -- delivered to direct your door," Ms Williams said.

The range of showbags available also includes great options to keep kids entertained, particularly if you're choosing to keep them at home.



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"We have some great options to keep them entertained. The Kids Creation Station Showbag is a personal favourite. This deluxe art set includes a wide variety of art supplies for drawing, colouring and painting,” Ms Williams said.

“There is also an excellent MKR showbag to get into some cooking at home.”

Like many small Australian businesses, Ms Williams said they were doing what they can to adapt to the current situation.

We hope that we can still deliver a little bit of joy to Australian families over the coming weeks during these uncertain times.

Showbags are also being sold in fire-ravaged Bilpin, in the NSW Blue Mountains area.

"We are happy to also announce that from this weekend and every weekend up till after Easter, you can purchase show bags here," the Bilpin Fruit Bowl announced on Facebook.

The fruit business asked its customers to dig deep and try to help those who may be about to lose a lot of cash, and drew on the community spirit that had seen the region come out of the recent bushfire crisis.



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"You all turned out in the droves to help support us when we were down and out after the fires and I ask you to now help these poor showbag people who are now in the same situation," the Fruit Bowl said.

"They will be setting up their showbag vans in our carpark each weekend. They have bought and paid for these showbags that would have been sold at the now cancelled Royal Easter show."

You can purchase showbags and support Australian businesses here or here.

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