Virgin Australia Is Going Viral For Its Crack Over #ToiletPaperGate

While toilet paper is flying off the shelves, Virgin Australia is reminding passengers that they've got their arses covered when they fly with them.

The airline has shared a reminder as the coronavirus epidemic unfolds that they do, in fact, have access to toilet paper on their flights.

Who would've thought?

"Toilet paper available on all Virgin Australia flights today #ToiletPaperGate," the airline wrote on their official Virgin Australia Facebook page.

Their message is accompanied by a photo of rolls of toilet paper in the coveted window seat with a seat belt wrapped around them. They are precious, after all.

Image: Facebook

Their cheeky message, while Australians have been going out in force to stockpile toilet paper in fear of a shortage, has quickly gone viral.

At the time of writing, and after an hour since being shared, their post has already gained almost 9,000 reactions, 1000 comments and 1500 shares.

"How much for a standard sheet please?" a commenter asked.

Virgin Australia responded with: "Complimentary with every fare purchased, Meg!"



Bec Judd Joins The Many Shocked By Lack Of Toilet Paper In Supermarkets

The Australian model and television host has shared her surprise over the near empty shelves at her local Coles on social media.

"Hope you’ve got some left for me on Sunday," another commenter due to fly noted.

"We sure do, Christine! See you Saturday, where we'll let the good times roll," Virgin Australia again responded. 

And props to the punny page admin behind the keyboard.

"Great to see that you can see the lighter side of the current hysteria that people are causing," a commenter wrote in praise of the airline.

"Well played, Virgin," another added.



'There's Definitely Rapid Growth': The Brands Cashing In On 'Coronavirus Chic'

When one man's outbreak is another man's opportunity.

The message comes after Woolworths announced that it would be enforcing a four-pack limit on the sale of toilet paper across its stores, with shelves across supermarket chains, including Coles, left largely empty.

Authorities have asked Australians to stay calm during this time, noting that panic-buying of supplies and staples is both unhelpful and unnecessary.

Featured image: Facebook

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