The Best And Worst Aussie Newborn Nappies Have Been Named

Becoming a parent is all sorts of overwhelming, particularly when you start navigating the baby aisle of your local supermarket.

The options are endless when it comes to baby products and half the battle is trying to decipher what is actually good and what should be left on the shelf.

One of the most important items to consider when you welcome a newborn into the family is of course, nappies. That's why consumer watchdog Choice have independently tested a variety of nappy options to see which ones stack up and which ones topple over.



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To determine their findings, Choice sent the selected nappies to off to be tested in a lab where they looked into a number of factors including absorption, leakage, velcro strength and re-wet, which assessed how wet the nappy is five minutes after the absorption test.

Here's what they found:

The best newborn nappies

1. Pampers Premium Protection New Baby Size 2 Mini

Image: Supplied

Expert rating: 91 percent

Absorbency score: 86 percent

Leakage score: 100 percent

Price: $0.57 per nappy

The best newborn nappy is also the most expensive, but paying a bit extra might be worth not struggling with unexpected mishaps.

2. Simply Snookums Small

Image: Supplied

Expert rating: 88 percent

Absorbency score: 81 percent

Leakage score: 100 percent

Price: $0.29 per nappy

Snookums is a small, Brisbane-based company whose products are available through some IGA supermarkets, Good Price Pharmacies and online.

3. CUB Newborn Size 1

Image: Supplied

Expert rating: 87 percent

Absorbency score: 79 percent

Leakage score: 100 percent

Price: $0.17 per nappy

Available from Coles, these newborn nappies scored very well when considering how cheap they are.

In terms of price per nappy, this one is beaten only by Aldi (14 cents), Woolworths (16 cents) and Kmart (16 cents) nappies, but only by a couple of cents -- and it outperforms all of them, according to Choice.

4. Bambo Nature Size 1 Newborn

Image: Supplied

Expert rating: 86 percent

Absorbency score: 77 percent

Leakage score: 100 percent

Price: $0.57 per nappy

Available online and at various small retailers in some states, the Bambo Nature nappies are one of the more expensive brands. But their scores were great and they come recommended.

5. Pandas by Luvme Small

Image: Supplied

Expert rating: 86 percent

Absorbency score: 83 percent

Leakage score: 100 percent

Price: $0.50 per nappy

One of the more expensive nappies tested, these came back with great scores and also claim to be biodegradable and compostable.

6. Tooshies by TOM Newborn

Image: Supplied

Expert rating: 86 percent

Leakage score: 100 percent

Absorbency score: 80 percent

Price: $0.42 per nappy

These performed well and came highly recommended.

The worst newborn nappy

Nearly all of the nappies tested had a score above 75 percent which means they all came highly recommended.

"75 percent is still a good score," Rebecca Ciaramidaro, Choice's nappy expert said.

"For the most part, you can choose a newborn nappy off the shelf and expect very good performance. But check our reviews first."

Ecoriginals Newborn

Image: Supplied

Expert rating: 62 percent

Absorbency score: 40 percent

Re-wet score: 50 percent

Price: $0.50 per nappy

While these nappies claim to be eco-friendly -- being biodegradable in six months and coming in compostable packaging -- according to Choice, they lack in performance.

While they scored a perfect 100 percent for leakage, they fell over in other areas such as velcro strength where they only scored 60 percent. Considering they're at the higher end of the scale when it comes to price, Choice suggest they're not quite worth the cash.



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Choice recommend parents shouldn't be too tied to nappy brands and should have an open mind when it comes to trying new options, noting that all babies are different and with that their nappy needs might change.

Further to their findings, Choice also rated Aldi nappies highly, with their newborn nappies scoring 82 percent overall and performing well in each of their tests: absorbency (71 percent), leakage (100 percent), re-wet (73 percent) and velcro strength (90 percent).

At 14 cents per nappy, they're also the cheapest tested. Many parents were concerned at the end of 2019 when Aldi announced its range of Mamia nappies would be changing -- with some suggesting a decrease in quality -- however, Choice did not find this in their testing.

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