Mum's Time-Saving Hack That Keeps Sandwiches Fresh For A Week Goes Viral

No one likes a stale or soggy sandwich, so if you have a child who also happens to be a picky eater, you can bet it's probably going to make a round trip home in their lunchbox.

But if you only buy bread once or twice a week, making sure a sandwich stays fresh for a lunchbox is trickier than it would seem.

But even if you did have oven fresh bread everyday? Who has the time to make sandwiches in the morning before you drop your child off at the school gate, especially if you're making multiples.

Clue: the answer is not many parents.

That's why it comes as no surprise that one mum's hack for both saving time and keeping sandwiches fresh is going viral in the Lunchbox Mums Facebook group.

The answer, it seems, all comes down to using your freezer. Except there is timing involved in making sure your child's sandwich isn't a.) frozen or b.) soggy by the time they bite into it at lunch.



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"I make the sandwiches and freeze them the day I buy the bread so it’s super fresh. I’m one of those mums who freeze sandwiches because I’m time poor during the week and my kids only eat ‘boring sandwiches’ anyway!" Kate wrote.

Kate explained her kids' sandwiches usually contain deli meats, roast meats and cheese with sauces like mustard, as well as spreads including peanut butter, Nutella, Vegemite, jam or spreadable cheese.

"They defrost super quick so they just come out in the morning and go straight into the lunchbox. Unless I’m working and I do lunches the night before," she said.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Many parents noted that buttering both sides of the bread helps to keep the sandwich together when it comes out of the freezer and to also avoid putting in any wet foods such as tomatoes which will ensure it doesn't go soggy.

Aside from freezing the sandwiches, Kate also found another way to ensure they fit perfectly into a bento box.

"I got the bakery to slice my loaf length ways today. Total game changer. Much quicker to make the sandwiches and easier to cut crusts off (because we all know crusts are poison)," she joked.

"This way I can cut them into the perfect strips that fit our bento boxes. One of my girls only eats a tiny bit of sandwich so this way there’s no waste!"

Image: Facebook

To reduce waste even further, Kate even saves the crusts and turns them into breadcrumbs if she cuts them off before buttering the sandwiches.

Since sharing her trick, Kate's hack has gone viral in the group, gaining over 1,300 reactions and almost 300 comments from parents who called it both 'genius' and 'next level organised'.

"Glad my kids aren't the only ones who are allergic to crusts! This is a great idea," wrote one.

Image: Facebook

"Little tips and tricks like this can make such an impact on busy mornings," added another.

Kate told 10 daily she lives by a 'you do you' motto when it comes to parenting and this is what works for her family.

"I’m glad it’s given other mums a new idea, and hopefully one that will make school lunches easier," she said.

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