Jennifer Lopez Used The Moves She Learned For 'Hustlers' In The Halftime Show

Did we really think 'Hustler's was the last time we'd see Jennifer Lopez work the pole?

She simply did not put that much effort into learning a completely new skill only to throw it all away once the director called: 'that's a wrap'.

That's why we were less than surprised to see Jennifer Lopez enter the Super Bowl stage wrapped around a stripper pole. But let's be clear, less than surprised does not mean we weren't very, very pleased.

Alongside Colombian superstar Shakira, Jenny from the Block pulled off a jaw-dropping performance at this year's Halftime Show.

In addition to singing her guts out, rocking a fabulous pair of ass-less chaps and bringing on her 11-year-old for a duet, Lopez also managed to make time for an extraordinary pole performance. 



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During her performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Shakira proved she must be mighty good at eating ice blocks.

There were a number of times throughout the performance that the 50-year-old took to the pole, including one particularly gob-smacking moment where she managed to flip and hold her body entirely horizontally.

J.Lo's journey from dancer to pole dancer was well documented during the filming of 'Hustlers', a 2019 film about New York City strippers where Lopez starred as pole extraordinaire Ramona.

Is there anything this woman can't do? Image: Getty

A now-viral video posted to the star's own YouTube page takes fans behind the scenes during the training process, as Lopez learns to master the difficult dance style in a matter of weeks.

The video is intense. And exemplifies just how determined and hard working the performer really is.

If her Super Bowl performance was anything to go by, it seems that Lopez will be channeling Ramona in many more shows to come. And of course she is! You don't go to all that effort for to throw it away after one movie.

Despite coming out of 2019 a fan favourite, Lopez's 'Hustlers' performance was snubbed in this year's Oscars nominations. And many are suggesting that by including pole dancing in her Super Bowl routine, she was making a cheeky swipe at the academy that ignored her and her hard work.

Lopez is a performer like no other, and we have our fingers crossed that this is only the beginning of her pole dancing career.

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