'I Was Mortified': Kids Are Asking Their Parents Why Their Toys Have Penises

If you're a parent, it's likely you've had one or two hairy conversations with your children.

The toys in question have been purchased from Poundland in the UK, a retail store selling a range of products reasonably priced at one pound.



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After a little girl noticed that her giraffe was... anatomically correct, she decided to point this out to her mum, who hadn't noticed when purchasing the plastic toy.

"So... my two-year-old girl chose this today and brought it home to say 'mama... giraffe's got a willy'. She’s not wrong is she," mum Tash Butler wrote in the Poundland Appreciation Society Facebook group.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Other parents were quick to point out they'd suffered through similar experiences, with one noting the toy horses and dogs also have penises.

"We have the horses and dogs with the same... hmm.. detail. I was mortified, probably more detail on it than the animal [itself] to be fair," Lucy May wrote.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Another mum noted that she had a similar experience with her son when he brought home a toy dog.

"My son chose this toy dog then when we got home I saw it also had a very real willy," Sophie Rideout wrote.

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"I have horses like that my daughter was most interested," Tascia Davis joked. 

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While the animals no doubt make for some awkward conversations, others in the group pointed out that is was positive that they accurately depicted real life animals.

"To be honest, I think it's great that kids' toys can be anatomically correct without it being seen as 'unnecessary or sexualising'," Claire Gray added.

"Nothing wrong with kids knowing what body parts are what," Marnie Smith agreed.

"It’s a good way for children to learn about the birds and bees from a early age," pointed out Sarah Jane Chubb. 



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However while these parents were taken aback by the discoveries, others noted that the presence of male genitalia on toy animals wasn't anything new.

"I collect model horses and pretty much all of them are naturally correct. Including the toy ones. Its not actually that weird or uncommon (to me anyway)," Megan Shaw wrote.

"There is nothing new about boy dolls I got one when I was two-years-old and I'm a nanny now," Pauline Toal wrote.

He is perfectly correct and to my mum's embarrassment, I was very pleased to let everyone know. I still have him now 49 years later.

Yet given this, others questioned why there was a distinct lack of dolls with accurate female genitalia, when compared to the presence of mail genitalia.

"That's not fair. Why are they all male, where are the females?" Sarah Jane Goddard asked.

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