Magda Szubanski Is The World's Worst Ballgirl In Ad With Serena Williams

After her Uber Eats ad with Kim Kardashian West went viral, Aussie icon Sharon Strzelecki (Magda Szubanski) is back at it again.

This time, Sharon is swapping her netball uniform to become a ballgirl at the Australian Open at Rod Laver Arena.

But the only problem is, she's not very good at it. Sorry Sharon, points for trying though.

It all starts with Serena playing on the tennis court while waiting for a ball from the ballgirl.

Except's Sharon's aim isn't great, even getting one of the ball's stuck in Serena's hair.

Oh dear. Image: Uber Eats

A little agitated but keeping her mouth sealed, Serena turned to the camera and said: “Tonight, I’ll be eating fried cauliflower tacos and jalapeno tamales."

Then like magic, Serena's order is delivered right to her tennis racket (impressive) on the court, to which she responds: "Noice!"

We're sure Sharon is pleased, yet she wouldn't let Serena's (correct) pronunciation of 'jalapeño' slide.



Noice, Different, Unusual: Kim Kardashian's Uber Eats Ad Is Lowkey Iconic

Looks like Sharon has a new best friend called Kim!

“Mrs W, I think you’ll find it’s pronounced jell-a-peenos. Play on," Sharon responded.

A bewildered Serena responds with: “Who are you?”



Turns Out Kim Kardashian And Magda Szubanski Weren't Actually Together For Their Uber Eats Ad

The ad has completely taken over social media but now Magda has revealed a bit of behind-the-scenes goss on Sharon Strzelecki latest starring role.

Social media was awash with comments in praise of the ad.

"Love this, what a classic," wrote one, with another adding: "YASSSS SHAZZA."

"The devil works hard, Kris Jenner works harder, the Australian Uber Eats marketing team is working even damn harder," joked a third.

Featured image: Uber Eats