Lamington Hot Cross Buns Are The Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed

A day after the Lamington Burger swept our feeds, a new hybrid has arrived just in time for Australia Day.

If you love your lamingtons just as much as your hot cross buns, you're going to want to get in on this.

Coles have announced the release of a limited edition lamington flavoured hot cross bun. And all of our food-related hopes and dreams might've just come true.

The supermarket giant said the creation comes after their customer research found 54 per cent of their customers would love a lamington and hot cross bun mashup because of course we would.



'It's Just Wrong': Lamington And Fairy Bread Beef Burgers Have The Internet Torn

To celebrate Australia Day, an Adelaide cafe has crafted a bacon and beef burger on a lamington bun -- proving you can absolutely have too much of a good thing.

The new take on the hot cross bun contains chocolate chips, toasted shaved coconut chunks and bursts of sort raspberry jellies.

It's served best toasted with lots of butter and really, is there any other way?

Yum. Image: Supplied

Coles Senior Category Manager Freddie Hancock said that customers are partial to a new flavour take on a traditional food item like a hot cross bun, but only when it's done right.

“We know Australians love traditional products that have a nostalgic pull but with a modern-day twist -- and we think we’ve got a real winner here with our new lamington hot cross buns just in time for Australia Day,” he said.

It's the mashup you didn't know you needed. Image: Supplied

“We’re always listening to customer feedback to determine new product launches, and it’s important for us to have some fun with flavours and shake up the hot cross bun market to give customers something they’ve never had before, but ultimately it has to taste great."

We’ve spent months fine-tuning the recipe to make sure we have the perfect flavour profile of a lamington in a hot cross bun using its traditional pairing of chocolate, coconut and raspberry.

The Coles Lamington Hot Cross Buns go on sale today and are $3.50 for a 4-pack, so you might want to share or... you might not.

Abbey Lenton


In Defence Of Premature Hot Cross Buns: Don't Like Them? Don't Eat Them.

When it comes to hot cross buns, you can't have too much of a good thing.

Coles previously divided fans of the hot cross bun when they released 'Boxing Day Buns' the day after Christmas, with some accusing them of 'ruining tradition' by selling the Easter treat so early.

But the supermarket said since launching them in December, they have sold more than 11 million hot cross buns nationally. That's a lot of bun.

So when it comes to a premature hot cross bun, it seems we'll be eating them with a side of humble pie.

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