'Where's Your Leg?': Angie Kent Responds To 'Dancing With The Stars' Photoshop Confusion

This week the full cast lineup for 'Dancing With The Stars' 2020 was announced.

And among the incredible cast was television personality and former Bachelorette, Angie Kent.

Angie shared the exciting news on her Instagram account following the official announcement, posting with it a promotion shot of herself with her dance partner, Julian Caillon.

"Have you ever seen Bambi on ice the sequel? Well you’re about to. Nervous as all hell! "she wrote along with the photo of her in a dance pose.

"But I can not wait to throw these awkward limbs around that d-floor! Julian you got your work cut out for you!"

Many were quick to congratulate Angie on her appearance, stating they couldn't wait to see her on their screens again.

"You’re going to crush this! Behind you all the way," Angie's boyfriend Carlin Sterritt wrote.

Yet many commenters also noticed an optical illusion in the photo, that made is appear as though Angie was missing a leg and Julian only had one arm.

"Where is your other leg? Did it get Photoshopped out?" one fan asked among many others.



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In her true comical style following a flood of subsequent questions, Angie shared a series of videos with her dance partner on her Instagram story to explain what really happened.

"Alright, we've had like 50,000 questions on the picture [asking], 'Where's your leg?' I've got two legs, as you can see," Angie joked.

"Your arm was missing too, wasn't it?" she said to Julian.

"Yeah my arm was missing. It just grew back!" he responded.



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"So we're going to show you, it wasn't photoshopped, I'm just super unfit so he had to hold all my body weight," Angie said before jumping onto Julian's back to show exactly why it appeared she was 'missing' a leg.

The pair went onto explain Julian was holding Angie's leg behind his back to help support her body weight in the position for the photo.

Ta-da. Image: Instagram

"It looks invisible but there it is," Julian said, turning his side to the camera to show how Angie's leg had been hidden.

"He's holding it because I can't hold my own weight until I get fit," Angie continued.

"So that's what happened. So we thought we'd just show you because there's no Photoshop!" Angie said.

If their social media antics are anything to go by, we can't wait to see Angie and Julian on our screens.

'Dancing With The Stars' Premieres On Sunday, 9 February At 7.30pm.Only On 10 And WIN Network.

Featured image: Network 10/Instagram