The Internet Thinks This Woman's Engagement Ring Looks Like A Vagina

A woman named Markia Pryor has shared a photo of the engagement ring her to-be mother in law desperately wants her to wear.

But there are two problems. She doesn't like the ring and, well, it kind of looks like a vagina.

Markia shared a photo of the engagement ring to the Facebook group 'That's it, I'm ring shaming' for the ring to be roasted by its members.

And they definitely didn't hold back in their criticism. But luckily for Markia, she doesn't like the ring either and neither does her partner.

"The ring my SO’s mum desperately wants me to want (I don’t, he doesn’t either)," she wrote.

"0.5 carat diamond that’s been in their family for over a century.


Markia engagement ring. Image: Facebook

Aside from the ring looking quite dated, the members of the group also alerted the couple to the fact the ring resembles female genitalia.

Many made correlations between the ring and a 'vagina', 'clitoris', 'vulva' and 'labia'.

"Vaaaaaaagina," the first comment quickly pointed out.

"That's a f**kin clitoris," another added.

"I feel like we finally found a diagram of where the g spot is. I'm being very clitoral," joked a third.

Another angle of the engagement ring. Image: Facebook

Some said it was the 'ugliest ring they had ever seen' while others suggested keeping the ring but getting it remodelled instead.

"Can you have the diamond reset in something else? Literally anything else?" one questioned.

"It’s only that old if it’s been reset... that setting is from the 80s. Have it reset in something modern," another commenter proposed.

Marika replied stating the ring is '100 per cent a setting from the 80s'.



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"It was reset. The diamond is what’s over 100 years old she claims," Marika wrote.

Still, other suggested just getting rid of the ring entirely, with many stating it should've been buried with a relative.

"Sometimes when you love something, you should set it free.... by throwing this into the sea," added another.

Featured image: Facebook