Hack For Wrapping Christmas Presents When Paper Is Too Short Goes Viral

Wrapping Christmas presents effectively is a whole art in itself.

And despite your best efforts, some gifts just don't look quite right when you're done with them. (Especially if you're staying up late on Christmas Eve trying to get through a mountain of presents...)

One of the most annoying things? When you cut the wrapping paper for your gift, only to realise it's too short when you go to wrap said gift.



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If the edges of your presents never quite align or you can pick your bad wrapping in a line up of gifts, today is a good day to be you.

You might cut another piece of paper and stick it in the gap, but it always ends up looking a little sh*t. And it's a waste of paper to discard it and start again. Oh the dilemma.

Well worry no more, because a TikTok user has shared a genius hack to solve the wrapping paper problem.

This is life changing. Image: TikTok

Honestly, we've watched the video about 30 times and we're not sure why we never thought of this before.

You can see it here:

By turning the gift on it's side so it's at an angle, the user was able to take the corners of the paper into the centre, using triangles to make the paper go the distance. Genius.

And it turns out others are only learning about this hack for the first time too, with the 20-second video going viral after being viewed nearly two million times.

"I'm horrible at wrapping gifts. This was a eye opener for me," wrote one user.



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"I usually just tape it as is and add another small piece of wrapping paper to the bare part," added another.

Yet some users weren't impressed with the hack, stating they thought 'everyone did it'.

"I thought that's how everybody wraps tiny boxes," wrote one.

"Showed this to my wife and she's all 'what, you didn't know?'" added another.

But for those of us who didn't know this simple trick, it's nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Featured image: TikTok