The Three Words Australians Use Most To Describe Themselves

If you had three word to describe yourself, what would they be?

While the stereotype of an Australian might be a larrikin, maybe even a bogan, or have some tie to the value of mateship or giving anything 'a good crack', the words we use to describe ourselves according a new survey have nothing to do with any of those things.

In July of this year, the ABC asked more than 54,000 Australians to answer 500 individual questions as part of their The Australia National Talks Survey in order to understand the mood of the country.



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One of the most interesting questions they asked was: "If you had to choose up to three words that best capture aspects of your identity that are most important to you, what would they be?".

'Honest', 'caring' and 'friendly' were the three words that came up the most, with 'honest' being at the top of the list for men and 'caring' being at the top of the list for women.

What words would you use to describe yourself? Image: Getty

Other words women used to describe themselves included 'family', 'kind', 'happy', 'loyal' and 'Australian'.

On the flip side men used words such as 'fair', 'family', 'reliable', 'happy' and also 'Australian' to express their identity.



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For women, being a parent was significantly tied to their identity, with 'mother' being the fifth word they chose and 'female' being the sixth.

Men seemed to be less tied to parenthood when it comes to who they are, with 'male' being in the 15th position and 'father' in the 22nd spot.

Men also had a greater variety of words to represent themselves -- around 2,200 different words compared to roughly 1,600 for women.

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