Corn Flakes Beer Has Officially Landed

In an Australian first, microbrewery One Drop Brewing Co has collaborated with Kellogg's to create one seriously unique craft beer.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Nitro Milkshake IPA, as it is called, is brewed and canned at the brewery and taproom in Botany, NSW, using none other than the famous Corn Flakes.

The final product. Photo: Supplied

If you're a craft beer aficionado you will be able to detect how Sabro, Citra and Simcoe hops take the lead in bitterness (apparently that makes sense), as well tasting big, fruity hits of strawberry, passionfruit, coconut and mango.

You might want to drink the brew slowly, with each can notching a huge 1.9 standard drinks.

These babies have a seriously high alcohol content. Photo: Supplied

So where do you get it?

For about $9, you can try it fresh from the One Drop taproom itself or any of a number of craft beer venues stocking the brand.

It is a limited beer -- as they usually are so if you're keen make sure you snap it up ASAP.

Proof Corn Flakes are in there.  Photo: Supplied

Strange beer flavours seem to be an Australian speciality.

You can buy brews made with coriander, oysters, mussels, watermelons, redskins, tea. You name it, someone is probably giving it a whirl.

Who knows what will be next.