'It Took So Long': How 'Survivor' Contestants Keep Their Clothes Clean

'Australian Survivor' contestants know full well that their new home won't be equipped with laundry facilities.

The Fijian island that the Champions and Contenders found themselves on offered little more than a few tree branches and palm fronds, let alone a washing machine, dryer or some fabric softener.

It means that a little improvisation is needed, with the contestants using any elements provided by Mother Nature to avoid their wardrobe developing thick layers of grime and dirt, with a heavy bouquet of body odour.

Baden airing his dirty laundry. Photo: Network 10.

We decided to ask this season's fashion icon -- model David Genat -- how he managed to do his laundry before his brutal blindside from Soli Bula.

"I made the mistake of trying to wash my clothes one time during filming and I think that was actually a bad mistake," he told 10 daily. 

"Because it took so long for everything to dry out," he added. 

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David explained that after his drying disaster, he decided to take a more preventative approach -- by simply not wearing many clothes!

"For me, my tactic was more like, I actually only took one shirt, which is probably a bit evident in the show, and I would really only wear that at night, or if the challenge demanded it. "

Your shirt can't get dirty if you don't wear it! Photo: Network 10.

"If you kind of sweat through your stuff, that's when it got to be pretty gnarly," he explained. 

While washing wasn't a viable option, David said they at least had access to a very powerful deodorant to cover up the tribe's collective stink.

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"Fortunately, the smell of the campfire masks a lot of the body odour that goes on," he told 10 daily.

"So you just try and stand in front of that smoke as much as possible," he said.

Photo: Network 10.

David had entered 'Australian Survivor' with a wardrobe that was instantly mocked by fellow contestants and viewers at home when he rocked up to the beach in a leather jacket.

But David explained to 10 daily that bringing the elegant jacket along was far from being a fashion choice and that "although it seemed silly, it helped a lot".

"I hate being cold, hate it. One of the big concerns I had going into the island was thinking like, ‘I’m going to freeze’". 

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"So, when we were going through wardrobe choices and what I’d wear, I’m really into motorcycles and I like leather jackets so I was like, ‘Well, this is what I’d actually wear!’"

David said he used the jacket to keep warm, as a sleeping mat, to lend to tribe-mates -- and to stash hidden immunity idols.

"It was a really good choice," he laughed. 

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Monday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.