'My T**s Fell Out': Vakoo Reveals Wardrobe Malfunction During 'The Bachelor'

Vakoo provided us with many laughs during her time on 'The Bachelor' and as it turns out, one of her 'highlights' while on the show is an x-rated one.

During an appearance on Have You Been Paying Attention? Vakoo, who left the Bachelor mansion along with Monique on Thursday night, was asked to share one of her highlights during her time on the show.

“It wasn’t shown on camera, but there was a little scene where Matt came to get me, and I went to hug him, and I was wearing a strapless dress and my t**s fell out,” she told host Tom Gleisner.

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“And then he took his jacket — because obviously the cameras would have seen if I had turned — and he took his jacket off and covered me with it.”

“Why was that a highlight? I don’t know," she added. Image: Network 10

The appearance comes after Vakoo landed her first single date of the season with Bachelor Matt.

But their one-on-one time quickly fell apart when Vakoo couldn't shake the nervous giggles as she and Matt dined on wine and cheese.

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Fans were divided over the date, with many rooting for the 23-year-old and hoping the bubbly model would "pull herself together". Others, however, couldn't help but cringe over the majorly awkward situation.

It was only at the conclusion of the date when a roseless Vakoo tearfully told producers she didn't think that Matt was into her that viewers became collectively emotional over the usually upbeat contestant's vulnerable moment of sadness.

It was the kiss of death for sweet Vakoo who was later sent home.

Featured image: Network 10