Dr Chris Brown Brought His Cat Onto 'The Living Room', It Ended In Disaster

Dr Chris Brown can remember filming the very first episode of ‘The Living Room’ like it was yesterday.

As the show celebrates 300 episodes this week, Chris told 10 daily that things were very different when he, Amanda Keller, Barry Du Bois and Miguel Maestre came together to shoot the first episode of the feel-good lifestyle program back in 2012. 

“I remember it well because we were we filmed it in a photographic studio in the inner west of Sydney near the airport and we had planes screaming overhead every few minutes," he said over the phone.

“So we had to stop filming every single time a plane went over. To record a one hour episode took about four hours."

The first day of filming is burned into the memory of Dr Chris -- but he’ll also never forget the times when some of his animal guests have gone off script, shall we say. 

“We had one world record rabbit jumper, this rabbit that jumped over hurdles, and it just wouldn't jump despite all the different levels of encouragement,” he told 10 daily of the TV shy bunny. 

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“And that was one of those sort of very strange moments where you're left wondering why you're standing with a rabbit and a number of hurdles in front of you,” he mused. 

But the moment that Chris’ co-hosts will never let him forget was the episode when, by popular demand, he brought his cat Cricket in to help out with the popular ‘Hot Or Not’ product test segment. 

“She truly left her mark and made her feelings for the show known and she actually pooed on the sofa,” he recalled. 

“I think she's now officially the second cast member to ever do that, after Miguel, which is a remarkable achievement,” Chris joked. 

Although the stage (cat) dad said he was actually pretty proud that Cricket -- who was originally a patient of his on ‘Bondi Vet’ -- had stayed true to her identity. 

“I appreciated her honesty and you can never knock that and, naturally she hasn't made an appearance since. She knows what she likes and she doesn't like TV work!” Dr Chris told 10 daily. 

While Chris’ main passion will always be animals, ‘The Living Room’ was the first real introduction to a side of his personality we didn’t really get to see on ‘Bondi Vet’. 

“The thing about dealing with animals is that a lot of it's quite serious and you're dealing with very sensitive topics and emotions that are very, very heartfelt and, and quite confronting. So that's important,” he told 10 daily. 

“And that message is the main thing that I'm most passionate about, but at the same time. I'm also someone who likes having a laugh and likes to have fun,” he said of ‘The Living Room’, where he can joke around with his three best mates. 

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Chris noted that the friendship between him, Amanda, Miguel and Barry is what the show is all about, explaining that their genuine bond has only gotten stronger over the last few years. 

“Obviously Barry's health challenge played a part in that but I mean, I consider Barry, Amanda and Miguel to be my closest friends and that's quite a unique situation on a TV show. 

“We holiday together, we hang out together, we have dinners together, we celebrate life milestones together. We're very much part of the fabric of each other's lives.”

The Living Room’s 300th episode will air on Friday, July 26 at 7.30 only on 10 and WIN Network.