'Put Your Cookbooks Out': Aussies Pay Tribute To Legacy Of Margaret Fulton

Chefs, home cooks and fans are mourning the loss of Australian cooking icon, Margaret Fulton.

Fulton's family announced that the Australian cooking matriarch had passed away at 94 and was "mourning the loss of their loving, inspirational and treasured mother, grandmother and great-grandmother early this morning".

The culinary pioneer made an indelible mark on the history of cooking in the country, bringing recipes from around the world into the humble Australian kitchen.

'The Margaret Fulton Cookbook' was first released in 1968 and introduced amateurs everywhere to recipes beyond the flavourless 'meat and three veg meals' that were ubiquitous in most Australian households.

Photo: AAP.

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Fans of Fulton's have been sharing their well-loved copies of her books online and recalling her "fail-safe" instructions for recipes like coq au vin, Austrian coffee cake and roast tarragon chicken.

One Twitter user, Kate, credited Margaret for championing the type of cooking that could be tried "for those of us who are NOT MasterChefs".

Aria executive chef Matt Moran wrote on Instagram that he was "sad to hear" the news of Fulton's passing.

"I remember cooking in the kitchen with Nan using her recipes. What an amazing legacy she leaves behind," Moran wrote.

Main Photo: Michaela Morgan