Line In Iggy Azalea's Song Spurs On Ridiculous New TikTok Challenge

Walking in Christian Louboutins is hard enough, now people have gone to extreme lengths by taking everyday items and turning them into heels.

TikTokers have revived Iggy Azalea's 2013 track 'Work' by uploading videos of themselves wearing some of the most ridiculous heels made out of everyday items.

It was spurred by the line in her song that goes "walk a mile in these Louboutins" and users are really putting in the 'Work' for their #WalkAMile video challenge.

Walk A Mile Challenge Using A Carrot. Image: TiTok - CarrotLMAO

They are going to the extreme lengths of strapping furniture and everyday items to their feet and attempting to walk across their living rooms.

Others use chocolate cake, traffic cones, carrot sticks and even cups to replicate their own affordable pair of Christian Louboutins.

Walk A Mile Challenge Using Traffic Cones. Image: TiTok -Bobbyodaily

This latest hilarious trend has taken over the internet. Tiktok have released the challenge on their YouTube channel but issued a disclaimer at the beginning of their video telling viewers not to try this at home.

Things took quite a tumble after one Tiktok user took it one step too far in attempt to 'WalkAMile' with rubbish bins strapped to his feet. Thomas Manley shared the video on social media and said, "RIP to my ankles".

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Social media viewers were divided with some applauding the challenge, while others were against the act calling out the extremity of the situation.

Eliuth Cruz Camarillo wrote: "People will die doing this challenge, I'm so excited"!

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Parmveer Gill said: "I doubt our human race is here for long.. really doubt".

Adrian Bowkett said: "When you snap your ankles least you'll be off the streets".

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