'MasterChef': Why Guest Chef Kirsten Tibballs Is A Dessert Mastermind

The name Kirsten Tibballs is guaranteed to send a shiver of fear down the spine of any good 'MasterChef' contestant.

It's not because Kirsten is an intimidating person in any way, but rather that her desserts are renowned for their precision, technique -- and most importantly, their overwhelming deliciousness.

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The chocolate queen of Australia creates everything from giant macaron cakes to mouthwatering lamington petit gateau, to actual chocolate fruits that made an appearance in the 'MasterChef' season finale in 2017.

So she's not exactly the person you want to see walking through the 'MasterChef' doors on the day of a pressure test because, how on earth are you meant to turn chocolate into perfect pieces of fruit?

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Kirsten runs her own cooking school -- Savour -- where students can learn in Melbourne, or online, how to create perfect pastries, magnificent macarons and showstopping chocolate cakes.

We're just hoping the contestants who have landed in the elimination challenge have taken a quick look over some of her online lessons so they don't go into complete dessert-related shock.

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For her season 11 appearance, Kirsten is bringing in a dessert that doesn't sound intimidating at all -- a nice, humble apple pie. The type of dish that generally involves some basic shortcrust pastry, some caramelised apples and a scoop of ice-cream whacked on the side.

Except, of course, Kirsten's apple pie is a lot more diabolical than any apple pie we've ever tried -- looking like three shiny apple orbs floating high above a crunchy, psychedelic chocolate forest.

We're just glad it's not us recreating this apple monster.

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