From Wholesome To Deeply Inappropriate, People Will Make Anything Into A Cake

There's really no better way to immortalise something you love than ordering a cake in its likeness, and devouring it.

If you love Kmart, it turns out the situation is no different.

One Aussie bargain enthusiast was lucky enough to celebrate her 40th birthday by blowing out the candles on a bespoke cake featuring a Kmart shopping trolley.

Image: Facebook/Beth McGrath

"When you love Kmart and your friends organise you a Kmart birthday cake!" the lucky recipient wrote on aptly named Facebook group Kmart Mums.

As something that can only be described as edible sculpture, theoretically there are limitless possibilities as to what you can call up a cake shop and ask for -- and people are well aware of this.

"People would be surprised what cake makers get asked to create," Daniella Boutros, creator of high-end customised cake shop Buttercreme Lane, told 10 daily.

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Even the quickest flip through social media will tell you Boutros isn't wrong.

From creations you might be hesitant to dig into... ones that will make you do a double-take, chances are there are few things which have not been recreated using flour and eggs.

This entry into a Sydney cake making competition at an advertising agency on Friday absolutely stole the show with its mouth-watering portrayal of a McDonald's feast.

Image: VMLY&R

When it comes to strange requests, Boutros says her Sydney business has had a few memorable orders.

"One of the funniest ones that I've always remembered is a wife asked me to create a cactus cake, and she had us deliver it to her husband with a note that said you're a prick for not taking out the rubbish," she recalled.

"She went to all the extreme and then the next week we got a call from her and she ordered thank you cup cakes for taking out the rubbish. It's a lot of effort but hey, she got the results."

Image: Buttercreme Lane

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But is there a limit to what a professional will take on?

Party-goers at bachelor and bachelorette parties have to eat something, and often a festive cake or cupcake will be on the menu. As for what orders she has had to turn away, Boutros said one certainly springs to mind.

"We get asked for naughty cakes all the time, which is totally fine," she said.

"But the ones that we have turned back was when we had three girls in the past want to send us their boyfriends d**k pics. We do knock it back when they insist on want its sculpted to an image."

For those naughty orders her bakery does whip up, Boutros and her team have had to come up with inventive ways to cover the creations while delivering them to customers.

"You literally couldn't show them on the street."

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