Kara Demmrich's Seasonal Styling Tips For Your Bedroom

You wouldn’t wear your summer clothes all winter would you?

Not likely. And if you did, you’d be adding some cold-weather updaters: a long-sleeve top under your favourite band tee, thigh-high boots to keep your legs warm under that flippy skirt…

Your bedroom décor deserves this sort of seasonal zhush, too. After all, it’s your little sanctuary at home, a place for rest, relaxation and sleep -- so subtle changes to balance your mood as the elements change are a must.

Kara Demmrich, The Living Room’s Celebrity Renovator, has some handy tips for keeping your bedroom style fresh all year round -- minimal effort required.

Start with a neutral base

Good-quality neutral furniture provides the perfect foundation for interchangeable bedroom looks -- Kara suggests leaning in to natural textures and colours, such as timber or linen for your bed frame or headboard. Sticking with neutrals for the big-ticket furniture makes it easier to change up the smaller items, like rugs, throws and decorative cushions, from season to season. This approach will make the room feel new and fresh every few months or so, without costing you a motza.

Kara’s top pick? The Iris Deluxe bed frame with four drawers, in Ironbark from Snooze for its versatility with styling. Plus, the under-bed storage is also a great place to keep extra bedding tucked away during the warmer seasons

Iris Deluxe Bed Frame
Be picky with your linens

The key to mastering trans-seasonal bedding, explains Kara, is layering. For a cosy winter look, the trick is to use a variety of different textures to create a sense of luxury and warmth, she tells. Just like you’d update your wardrobe with a chunky knitted scarf or plaid jacket, try adding light layers to prep your bed for the colder months. Think about using softer textures and linens, such as brushed-cotton flannel sheets, waffle weaves and velvet, for maximum comfort and warmth. Faux-fur throws and tasselled cushions also create a super-luxe look for winter.

A warm and cozy winter bed
Make it pop

As the weather changes, the light coming into your home does too – and that means it’s time for a colour shake-up. While your base colour scheme can stay cool and neutral, don’t be afraid to have a little fun: think pops of brighter shades in summer and deeper tones in winter. Switching up your quilt cover is one easy and affordable way to update the main colour scheme of your space, transforming your bedroom from light and bright while the sun’s shining to warm and textured as the chill sets in. But Kara’s top pick for a quilt cover is something in a classic, crisp white -- versatile, timeless and a dream when it comes to making quick seasonal styling tweaks.

Bright white summer bedding
In-scent-ivise your space

Creating warm and inviting spaces takes a little extra somethin’ somethin’ -- enter candles and diffusers, aka every stylist’s must-have props. Switching up your scents with the seasons is a super-low budget way to evoke a particular mood in a room. Go fruity for summer and try out earthier scents in winter -- or opt for anything musky for a year-round option. Introducing small styling accessories, like fresh flowers in warmer weather or dried floral arrangements when it’s cooler, will instantly make your bedroom feel more suited to the time of year as well.

My Design narrow bedside table in charcoal stain
Give it a once-over when you’re done

When you’re all finished, step back, look around the room as a whole, and see where you can introduce practical but stylish solutions such as bedside tables with storage or a blanket box that can double as a seat. Investing in quality pieces and fabrics will ensure you can shift the look and feel of the room from season to season, without spending a fortune in the long run.

These little changes will add up to make a big difference to your space -- and your mood -- as the seasons change.

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