That Viral Garlic Peeling Hack Is A Cruel Lie

Global garlic lovers have been disappointed by a kitchen hack that went viral on Twitter this week.

A video uploaded by Twitter user, Valentina Lord, showed what seemed to be a clever alternative to the painstakingly clumsy way the rest of us peel garlic -- messily removing the outer layers wisp by wisp, often digging our fingernails into the delicious bulbs.

"As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled!" she wrote alongside the video, which has now been viewed more than 10 million times.

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The clip shows someone holding a piece of garlic upside down, expertly stabbing it with a knife on the diagonal and removing a clean bulb.

The technique quickly blew the minds of foodies around the world, who began to curse the years of their lives that had been wasted peeling garlic the wrong way.

The clip has been responsible for uniting people around the world over their shared love of garlic and inspiring hungry masses to run home and peel some just to try out the technique.

But after trying out the hack for themselves, many curious fans were left brutally disappointed, labelling the technique as "a lie".

Videos of people attempting the technique show that the hack might not the type of technique you can pick up in five minutes. It is more likely the work of a garlic sorceress -- or someone who works in hospitality -- and has developed the technique after many years of practice.

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Clips posted to Twitter show amateur cooks poking away at their garlic -- only to be left with a pile of stabbed, unshelled garlic.

" I can do it! I watched it on Twitter!" user @juliensolomita promised, with an onlooker suggesting that the garlic wasn't mature enough to leave its casing.

It might be a matter of using the right kind of knife with the right bulb of garlic, and several years of training but we might stick to using our trusty garlic crushers to avoid the disappointment.

Featured image: Twitter/@VPestilenZ.