Oreo Is Letting You Create A Giant Biscuit With Your Face On It

Have you ever dreamt of taking a big, chocolatey bite of a biscuit that looks just like you?

It wasn't something that had crossed our minds either but Oreo is now letting you create a cookie in your image with a range of different facial features and wacky hats to choose from.

The Oreo Yourself website launched today and it's sort of like a more delicious version of Mr Potato Head where you can place different eyes, noses, lips and ears onto your cookie.

You're also in control of how much joy or existential dread you'd like the giant biscuit to exude with furrowed brows, worried eyes and frowning mouths definitely an option here.

Photo: Oreo Yourself

There are also plenty of funky hats in the mix if you happen to be a surf lifesaver, a sea captain, a construction worker or a pilot.

Photo: Oreo Yourself.

When you've decided on the perfect face, you can hit send on the cookie printer and then wait for your delicious Oreo face to arrive in the mail.

There are still a few hundred FREE cookies left to be printed, so if you fancy oreo-ing yourself you can head over here. 

Main Photo: Oreo Yourself.