IKEA Recreated Iconic TV Living Rooms So You Can Live Like Your Favourite Characters

Ever wanted to sit on the same (looking) couch as the gang from Friends? IKEA has you covered.

The new "IKEA Real Life Series" campaign has brought to life the iconic living rooms from some of the world's favourite tv shows including Friends, The Simpsons, and Stranger Things so that fans can shop the look and live in TV land!

The ad series created by Publicis Spain for IKEA in the United Arab Emirates  involved using 3D software to edit the real products into place to create as similar a look as possible to the sets and they absolutely nailed it:

Get Monica and Rachel's apartment decor:

The iconic living room from Friends.
You can hold a photo-burning ceremony on that coffee table just like Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel. Photo: IKEA

We even tracked down a few of the products for you. Here's where to get the coffee table, rug, couch, and curtains.

Recreate your own opening credits to The Simpsons, complete with the crooked painting of that boat.

Pick your favourite of the 662 opening credits couch gags to recreate!
Okay, IKEA nailed this decor, down to the weird mustard brown of the couch and the green phone! Photo: IKEA

Here's where to get The Simpsons couch (it was custom coloured).

And finally, just in case you're a sucker for a deeply disturbing scene involving amazing Winona Ryder face acting, you can recreate Joyce's living room from Netflix's Stranger Things!

We're just hoping nothing is lurking in the walls of the room you decide to make look like Joyce's lounge area...
Accurate, down to the string lights. Photo: IKEA

Finally: get Joyce Byers' fancy grey chair.

You can see all the different products they used to recreate these spaces right here, and if you can't afford the whole lot... maybe a candle holder that matches is enough to live your TV fandom life?

Featured Image: IKEA