This Is What Poh Ling Yeow Was Cooking Back In Season 1 Of 'MasterChef'

Remember 2009?

Katy Perry's "Hot And Cold" was still sitting at the top of the charts and a little program called 'MasterChef Australia' had just introduced a batch of 20 contestants who had no idea what they'd signed up for -- including Julie Goodwin, Justine Schofield and Poh Ling Yeow.

Poh quickly became a fan favourite -- and one of the main reasons Australia fell in love with the most wholesome -- and delicious -- show on television.

In the last decade, Poh has starred in her own TV shows ('Poh's Kitchen' and 'Poh & Co') and written three cookbooks -- making her more than qualified to serve as a mentor this year on 'MasterChef', along with Billie McKay and Matt Sinclair.

But it's her time as a fresh-faced contestant, navigating her way through pressure tests and wowing the judges with her culinary inventions and Malaysian classics that has gained her the ultimate respect from this year's bunch of gastronomic protégés.

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"I'm so happy to see Poh, she has so much experience in the 'MasterChef' kitchen," said contestant Kyle Lyons ahead of this week's immunity challenge, adding that, "it would be an honour to have her teach me".

So while we've been keeping up with all the delicious treats that Poh's been making recently -- including her mouthwatering Jam Face creations -- we decided to take a trip back to where it all began and revisit some of the 'MasterChef' dishes that put Poh on the culinary map.

(But also to remember how ~funky~ the old 'MasterChef' font used to be, memories!)

Hainanese Chicken Rice With Pandan Chiffon Cakes

A gorgeous selection of slow-cooked chicken rice, with homemade chicken stock and a variety of dipping sauces. You can find the full recipe here.

Buddha's Delight

A delightful vego dish that's often served in celebration of Chinese New Year. Poh's version used a mix of baby corn, mushrooms and fried dumplings, YUM! Find the recipe here.

Raspberry Clafoutis With Chesnut Cream And Chocolate Filled Raspberries

The 'MasterChef' plating styles have changed over the years but will an elegant quenelle of chestnut cream ever go out of fashion? Absolutely not. And neither will this raspberry clafouti, made with orange liquor and plenty of cream. Recipe here! 

Deep Fried Souffle With Wasabi Ice Cream And Umami Crumb

Look at that crunchy hunk of flavour! This recipe includes a punchy Wasabi ice cream, an umami crumb made with deep-fried nori, bonito flakes and glutinous rice, and some light and airy souffle balls. Find the recipe here.

Rabbit Ragout With Shiitake Mushrooms And Pasta Sheets

A hearty winter bowl of goodness that uses a whole rabbit, shiitake mushrooms, a few glugs of Cab Sauv and some silky ribbons of homemade pasta -- another winner from 2009 Poh! The recipe can be found over here.

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