Are Instagram Influencers Ruining Travel?

With social media stars bringing the world's most beautiful destinations right to your phone screen, people are starting to think about the effects of turning a quiet pristine place into a world famous Instagram hotspot.

You’re standing on the steps of an ancient Mayan ruin.

Or on the shores of a crystal clear lake in New Zealand. Or pacing the cobblestones of Rue Cremieux in Paris. Or down at the Figure Eight Pools, just south of Sydney.

These places are all beautiful, but for some reason, you’re just not feeling it.

Wedding Cake Rock, in the Royal National Park. Photo: Getty Images

Do you really want to be here? Or should you have found your own piece of paradise instead of taking the advice of that travel influencer?

There’s more and more evidence that influencers are ruining travel. Some destinations are overrun with tourists making the pilgrimage to a location recommended by their favourite influencer.

Are Instagram influencers ruining travel? Photo: Getty

For travellers themselves, the experience of discovering a unique place can be ruined when thousands of others turn up to experience that uniqueness.

So have influencers ruined travel?