Chrissy Teigen's New Hamster Is 'Broken' But Twitter Is Here To Help

When model Chrissy Teigen's brand new hamster started acting rather strangely she did what anyone else would do -- turned to Twitter for advice.

The model announced today to her Twitter followers that she'd purchased one of the furry lil' critters with her two-year-old daughter, Luna.

And although it was easy enough to come up with the perfect hamster name -- Peanut Butter, of course -- the new pet has been very busy confusing the hell out of Chrissy.

It's been less than 24 hours since she visited the pet store -- but Teigen already has a lot of questions about the newest, smallest addition to the family.

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She pointed out that it's "very confusing being a hamster mom" after learning about their diet, their temporary aversion to touch and their dislike of hamster housemates.

But after settling Peanut Butter in his new critter apartment -- Teigen was, er, slightly alarmed that her hamster might be broken.

"Is this normal?" she asked Twitter, posting a video of her pet looking like its trying to escape the tiny prison by chewing through the metal bars.

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Luckily, quite a few of Teigen's nearly 11 million Twitter followers have hamsters themselves, and immediately reassured her that Peanut Butter is perfectly normal.

Of course, plenty of Twitter users were quick to label Teigen a monster and yell 'FREE PEANUT BUTTER' after seeing the cruel footage, because that's just the kind of place the Internet is.

But, in classic Teigen style, she told them all to pipe down and relax because Peanut Butter is living the high life in a Beverly Hills mansion once owned by Rihanna.

Main Image: Getty/Twitter @BPhilli19