This Is How People Judge Whether You Have A 'Personality' Or Not

A new study has revealed how us humans decide whether someone is bubbly or bland.

And it seems as though TV characters are responsible -- in part -- for how we develop the judgments we make about someone's entire identity.

Researchers from the Ouachita Baptist University in Arizona conducted a qualitative analysis to try and break down what it really means if someone is described as having "no personality" or "a lot of personality".

The 104 study participants were asked to choose two fictional characters who fit the bill in each category and describe how much they liked them and how central each character was in their story.

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The two most commonly chosen characters deemed to be brimming with ~personality~ were Marvel Comics' Spider-Man and Kramer from Seinfeld, which honestly seems like a lot for us all to live up to when making first impressions.

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While The Office's Toby Flenderson and Angela Angela Schrute (née Martin), and The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper were commonly nominated as the mascots of team "no personality".

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The results found that characters judged to possess "personality" were more liked extroverted, agreeable and open to new experiences.

While more than 50 percent of study participants agreed that people with "no personality" were "boring", "bland", "dull" and "lacking in charm".

A third of participants said the "low personality" characters had a "poorly developed identity", were not unique or memorable and had no strong opinions.

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Which, unfortunately, seems as though TV shows might have a lot to answer for in us assuming that someone who is just a little bit more reserved is lacking in personality.

While the Kramers of the world are considered exciting because they usually don't hold back in telling you their opinion.

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Main Image: NBC.