Why Are People Throwing Cheese Slices At Their Babies?

The latest internet trend has babies everywhere feeling extremely confused.

Toddlers around the globe are the target of the bizarre new trend of "cheesing" which involves having access to some sliced ~fromage~ and a family member under the age of two.

The trend that has grown adults hurling dairy products at poor, trusting infants began when Twitter user @UncleHxlmes uploaded a video with the caption, "just cheesed my lil brother".

The footage is reminiscent of a horror film, as he creeps up and flings the slice at the confused little dude.

While @UncleHxlmes has since taken the original post down and confessed that he's not even related to the baby in the clip (!), the trend has already spiralled out of control.

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Parents, siblings and cousins have rushed to their nearest supermarket to stock up on plastic cheese supplies before filming their cruel prank.

In the copycat posts, some babies look betrayed, others look bamboozled, and the rest just look very, very hungry.

The trend has even extended to older kids. Soon, none of us will be safe from being slapped with a surprise whack of cold, plastic cheese to the face.

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Predictably, the online backlash has already begun, with "cheesed" critics asking, 'Won't somebody please think of the children?"

Standing up for poor, gullible babies everywhere, critics are asking what the hell is wrong with these parents and why they would want to waste precious cheese like this.

We'd like to take a moment to remind everyone to step away from the dairy aisle and please refrain from throwing cheese at any children this week for a number of reasons (allergies being the main concern here).

But also because it's just a terrible waste of cheddar. Go make a sandwich instead.

Main Image: Twitter/@shelbslord/@Madison_Combs1/@OrlandoNava1204