Mum And Daughter Find Mysterious Ash-Like Powder In A Jar Bought Online

A family is looking for answers after finding a mysterious white substance inside a pickle jar bought on Facebook Marketplace.

When 22-year-old Annie Sherlock spotted a bag of white powder on her dining table, she assumed it was left behind by the builders who were renovating her home.

"I thought it was a package of sand or something from the builders and just left it there. It stayed on my dining table for about two weeks and I was meaning to ask the builders what they were using it for," Sherlock told 10 daily.

When her mother Traci came over for dinner, she hesitantly admitted that she brought the mysterious package to her daughter's home after an online purchase had gone wrong.

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Sherlock said her mother is "addicted" to Facebook Marketplace and purchased what was advertised as a pickle jar on the site.

When the pickle jar was finally delivered with an assortment of other jars, her mother had also purchased, it was broken and accompanied by a white substance in a plastic bag.

Sherlock said the jar looks more like an urn and the powder was a "gritty", whitish-green colour resembling ashes.

She said the package has what appears to be chips of bone fragments strewn throughout the bag.

After receiving the package, her mother Traci reached out to the seller who offered a full-refund for the broken jar, but did not acknowledge the bag with the unknown substance.

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When she wrote back and asked about the powder and said she believed it could be ashes, they did not respond.

"When I first saw it I was bemused. It looked like a bag of sand that had been wrapped twice. It wasn't until I took it out to take photos that I saw it.

Then I thought this isn't what I think it is, it looks like human remains, ashes, Traci told 10 daily.

"The man in charge of delivery joked 'don't sniff it'. The lady who sold it sells lots of things on her page, so it could be anyone's jar," the NSW central coast high school teacher said.

She told Sherlock not to throw out the package in case it was "someone's grandma".

Sherlock took to social media to ask her friends what they thought the powder could be.

The responses ranged from wraps to carpet and porridge, but Sherlock said none of the guesses were as sinister as the package appeared.

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Annie posted photos of the mysterious substance on Instagram.
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While she's tempted to throw the plastic bag out, Sherlock said on the off-chance they the powder is in fact someone's relative she plans to scatter the powder "somewhere nice".

If an item you purchase on Facebook Marketplace is damaged or otherwise not what you expected, you can report the seller to the Service team and they will review the case.

Facebook says when a report is made it will 'quickly review and take the appropriate action, which could range from removing a post to banning someone from Facebook altogether'.