Australia, You're Doing Greek Salad Totally Wrong. Stop It Now.

While you destroyed a salad for lunch, we fixed one.

Hi everybody. Ant Sharwood here, 10 daily sports editor and occasional food critic.

Today in the work kitchen a colleague had a Greek salad with cubes of feta through it. This annoyed me, and not just because I'm easily agitated.

The reason it irked me is that when I went to Greece they never served their national salad like this. Salads in Greece have a slab of fetta cheese on top, but NEVER with the cheese pre-cubed.

Now, I could have confirmed this with one of the expert chefs who wander around this building, but instead I went to the source: Alex Anastassiou, the friendly Australian of Greek heritage on the 10 daily team.

Say something about cubed feta cheese in salads, Alex.


ANT: It's OK, you don't have to yell.

ALEX: As with most things, pre-cubed is never good. The only times cubes are acceptable are on the most ocker Australian cheese board you've ever seen.

ANT: We interrupt this story to show you video of an AFL player riding a unicycle while doing a Rubik's Cube.

ANT: I thought that video was some pretty good cube action, Alex. Cubes have a place in the world.

ALEX: But not in salad. Cubed feta really undermines what the Greek salad is all about as a dish. Cubing cheese takes away the pleasure of breaking apart a big slab that’s on top of your salad, which is what you’re meant to do. Greek salad is meant to be shared and breaking the slab is part of that.

ANT: So your salad should look like this. Wait. I'll find a pic. There!

ALEX: Exactly.

ANT: OK what about ingredients. Keep it simple, right?

ALEX: Tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta, olives. Nothing else goes in a Greek salad apart from salt, olive oil and a shake of oregano.

ANT: What can we do, Alex? How are we going to change the habits of Australians? How can we stop ingredients like cubed cheese and -- shudder -- avocado polluting the classic Greek salad?

ALEX: We just have to spread the word.

ANT: The way you DON'T spread a lovely unbroken slab of feta through a nice Greek salad.

ALEX: Exactly.

Another bloody travesty. Image: Getty.

ANT: OK thanks for clearing that up. Before you go, say something vaguely Greekish.

ALEX: Baklava.

ANT: What? Isn't that Lebanese pastry?

ALEX: GET WRECKED. You're igniting a bitter feud.

ANT: Hang on, the Greeks claim baklava too?

ALEX: Greeks invent all the best things and baklava is the second best thing in the world after Greek salad.

ANT: I don't have time for this argument. Have a lovely afternoon. Oh, and Alex...

ALEX: Yeah?

ANT: Beware of Greeks bearing GIFs!

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