This Restaurant Is Selling Fyre Festival Inspired Meals

The 'iconic' cuisine of Fyre Festival is being honoured by a restaurant chain in the US.

Villa Italian Kitchen has created a true monstrosity of a dish -- combining a plain piece of pizza, two slices of plastic cheese and a limp salad served in a polystyrene box.

The dish was inspired by the most famous cheese sandwich in the world, the meal that went viral after horrified Fyre Festival attendees began tweeting about their Lord Of The Flies-style experience from the festival in April 2017.

The infamous festival, the subject of not one but two recently-released documentaries, promised attendees a luxury tropical island paradise, with bands like Blink 182 and Major Lazer -- but as the films show, the festival was doomed by poor planning and organisation, and ultimately saw hundreds of people stranded on a patch of dirt with barely any food or amenities.

"Here's the dinner they fed us tonight," attendee Trevor DeHaas posted while at the event, in a tweet that went viral.

"Literally slices of bread, cheese, and salad with no dressing."

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Now, Villa Italian Kitchen -- in Morristown, New Jersey -- is hoping to recreate the Fyre experience for anyone who wasn't stuck on the island in the Caribbean, huddling in a disaster-relief tent eating the ~gourmet~ fare.

“We wanted to bring the high-end Bahamian festival experience everyone has been talking about lately to our customers nationwide who may have missed out on the real thing last spring,” said their rep Mimi Wunderlich in a statement.


And, just like Fyre attendees who spent thousands of dollars on the dud "luxury" festival -- you too can feel ripped off because this terrible pizza costs about $34AUD.

According to the Villa Facebook page, the 'Festival Pyzza' is made from the "finest fresh ingredients available" including "California tomatoes, hand-stretched dough and premium individually-packaged processed cheese product".

Mmmm we love premium cheese product.

"The extravagant combination is sure to be a staple at any beachside barbecue, model-infested yacht party or three-day music festival in the Exumas," a statement about the Pyzza reads.

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Villa Italian Kitchen is 100 percent trolling us all but at the same time, there are plenty of people out there who would pay for Fyre Pizza just for LOLs and Instagram content, of course.

The restaurant chain is also the company behind those terrifying gender reveal lasagnas -- which are a real thing you can order from their catering website. So it seems like they're sh*tposting and making plenty of dough at the same time.

Main Image: Facebook/Villa Italian.