The 'Wurst' Hotel Offering Sausage-Themed Rooms Is Straight From A Vegetarian's Nightmare

What happens when a butcher opens a hotel? A vegetarian's ‘wurst’ nightmare.

If your ideal hotel stay includes sleeping with wiener pillows surrounded by salami-styled wallpaper, it’s time to head to Rittersbach, about 40 kilometres south of Nuremberg in Germany.

Claus Boebel is the butcher that's opened the 'wurst' themed hotel. Image:

Breakfast is included for a room at the bratwurst themed hotel, with a healthy serve of sausage of course, for just under 100 euros a night.

Butcher Claus Boebel says he opened the “bratwurst heaven” so people could experience the peculiarities of the northern Bavaria region, famous for its sausages.

“Our slogan "sleeping under a Bratwurst sky" is not just a marketing slogan but actually for real, so that when I look up from the bed I see sausages," he said.

"I have cuddly pillows shaped as bratwursts. I have a bratwurst-style soap and a lot of little details that surprise the guest again and again."

The hotel offers sausage themed rooms only. Image:

If sleeping among cured meats isn’t enough for you, head to the ‘Wurstaurant’ for more of a sausage fix, including sausage ice-cream...


The hotel is called BB&BB. Its website explains this stands for Boebel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast.

Guests can satisfy cravings for cold-cuts and meats at the shop before heading home or take a cooking course.

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