Gender Reveal Lasagnas Are Here To Ruin Your Day

We're sorry, lasagna has officially been cancelled.

We already knew that gender reveal parties were one of the more ominous signals of the apocalypse -- but they've now reached a truly terrifying level.

Couples have been hatching increasingly bonkers ways to tell the world about their unborn child's genitals -- from releasing balloons to the moon, to 'baby burnouts' to chopping down an entire tree.

But now -- in an absolutely sacrilegious move -- gender reveal parties are coming for our precious lasagnas.

A restaurant chain in the US called Villa Italian Kitchen announced today that they're trying to make Gender Reveal Lasagnas a thing.

The devil's lasagna.

"Want a fun way to reveal the gender of your baby?" their Facebook page asked.

"Our Gender Reveal Lasagna is your answer!" the post added, before going on to describe their international crime against Italian food. 

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The catering package includes a cheese lasagna "with a pink or blue interior".

INTERIOR! As if it's the inside of a bathroom that's being repainted -- which is also how we imagine that food dye lasagna abomination would taste.

To add insult to injury, the package costs nearly $200AUD -- which seems pretty steep for a steaming pile of pastel pasta.

Villa Italian Kitchen.

Villa Italian Kitchen is encouraging couples to share their treasured lasagna reveal memories with a hashtag. But of course, the internet is having NONE of it.

You heard Oprah, we will NOT accept that.

Main Image: Facebook/Villa Italian Kitchen.