Avon Apologises To Jameela Jamil For Cellulite Shaming Ads

The makeup brand has responded to Jameela Jamil's criticism of its advertising for cellulite reducing products.

The actress drew attention to an ad from the company that shows a woman laughing with a message that reads: "Dimples are cute on your face (not on your thighs)."

A second ad from the campaign says that "Every body is beautiful" but then goes on to boast that their Naked Proof products will "reduce cellulite, firm skin, and soften stretch marks".

Jamil slammed Avon for their contradictory message, and demanded that Avon stop shaming women about "age, gravity and cellulite".

They’re inevitable, completely normal things. To make us fear them and try to “fix” them, is to literally set us up for failure," she said on Twitter.

Jamil urged her followers to "look out for this constant manipulation" in advertising, noting that women are being "manipulated to self-hate".

The Good Place actor went on to call out the beauty industry for the techniques that are used to sell products.

"The way this industry sells feat to (only) women about the inevitable effects of time and gravity, and a slowing metabolism, makes me feel sick. The corrective beauty industry is booming at an all time high, because they have ensured our self worth is at an all time low."

Jamil has been using her platform to call out a number of dodgy body shaming ads, diet tummy teas and the entire practice of photoshop airbrushing.

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The actor has over half a million followers on Twitter -- and nearly a million on Instagram -- which seems to have made brands, sit up and pay attention.

After publicly naming and shaming Avon, the brand took the time today to respond to Jamil's concerns.

"Hi Jameela, we completely understand where you're coming from. We realise that we missed the mark with this messaging. We have removed this messaging from all future marketing materials," the tweet read.

"We fully support our community in loving their bodies and feeling confident in their own skin," the tweet added.

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"THIS IS PROGRESS," Jamil wrote on social media after receiving the message. Thank you @avoninsider for listening to us. We deserve better."

Jamil has spoken publicly about living with anorexia as a teen because she'd "internalised tabloid culture completely" and has now taken a stand against body-shaming culture in Hollywood and on social media.

Take note, beauty industry --Jameela has got her eyes on you!

Main Image: Getty Images.