Man Orders Eggs Benedict At Local Cafe And This Is What He Got Served

All Thomas Hesketh wanted was decent Eggs Benedict.

But, as it turns out, that was simply too much to ask for.

Hesketh was at his local Tesco -- a UK grocer and supermarket -- when he was feeling a little peckish and decided to order the relatively simple breakfast staple.

This is what a classic Eggs Benedict should look like:

This is what Hesketh got served instead:

From the mass of packet ham covering the (what appears to be) English muffins to the blob of a yellow condiment that may or may not be Hollandaise sauce, it is, quite possibly, the saddest meal anyone ever did see.

While some Twitter users were quick to wallow with Hesketh in his culinary misery, others were quick to ask if he really expected anything different given his dining location.

The jokes then began to flow, with some even blaming Brexit for the travesty.

But there is a silver lining -- with Hesketh given a $35 voucher as an apology. That said, the entire incident got us thinking about all those other sad meals which have made their way online.

Remember this so-called "eggs on toast" offering from Luton airport?

Image: Reddit/M1BG

Or what about this "Paleo Bowl" from US Mexican food chain Chipotle.

Then there was this steak salad from Applebees.

And, of course, this burnt-schetta from a local pizzeria: