The Cutlery Invention That's Here To Divide Pizza Lovers

A curious new utensil has popped up on a crowdfunding website.

The Pizza Fork promises to help you "step up your pizza eating game" by combining a fork and pizza cutting wheel in one handy implement.

"A quick and convenient way to single-handedly slice, fork and feed your face. Who knew you could improve the act of eating pizza?" the Kickstarter page reads.

The project has been created by U.S. entrepreneur Daniel Morvec and, so far,  just 23 people have pledged their support for the ambitious new utensil that will cost US $10.

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But the invention seems to be ignoring an age-old debate surrounding the consumption of pizza -- should cutlery even be used when chomping down on a slice of Margherita?

The results on Twitter certainly don't look good for the future of the Pizza Fork, with aficionados seemingly viewing cutlery use as the mark of a gastronomic sociopath.

It's rare that Twitter users will unite in agreeance on any topic but it seems everyone has a deep mistrust for the knife and fork approach to demolishing a tasty slice.

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So, will pizza fans really get on board with a utensil that involves cutting up a piece of pie into odd trapezium-like shapes instead of just folding it and smashing into your gob? We aren't so sure.

pizza GIF

The creators of the Pizza Fork have just another week until their Kickstarter deadline ends -- and they're about US $15,000 away from their target.

But if you're absolutely opposed to using anything other than your trusty mits to chow down on a pizza, here are some inventions that might be more suited to your ~pizza lifestyle~.

The Pizza Pouch

Why sit down to eat directly from a cardboard box when you can carry a slice of supreme around in this custom pouch?

Perfect for pizza lovers on the go, this invention means you can have a nibble of that leftover pie wherever you are!

The Pizza Beret

For all you fashion-forward foodies, the pizza beret is the ultimate accessory. With this elegant chapeau, you can express just how serious you are about being a pizza lover through your wardrobe.

(US Toy via Amazon)
The Pizza Candle

Here's one for when you sadly realise you probably shouldn't be eating pizza every night of the week but crave the delicious smell of woodfired dough, pepperoni and cheese.

This soy candle will burn for 32 hours and will fill your home with delicious wafts of garlic, tomatoes, and oregano.

(Gourmet Candle)

Main Image: Daniel Morvec/Kickstarter