The Good, The Bad And The Short Lived: What Are Your Resolutions?

Another year is behind us which means it's time to commit to some wildly unrealistic resolutions.

There's something about that warm, optimistic January air that makes us completely forget about all the promises we made last year and dutifully re-commit to reading more, upping our intake of veggies or finally finishing that abandoned art project.

We hit the streets to find out the personal pledges being made for 2019 and, well, there are definitely some similar themes that crop up each year.

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Keeping healthy, cutting back on booze and quitting smoking were all popular choices for those hoping to start the year as the best possible versions of themselves -- even if it's just for a few days.

We also found that New Year's resolutions varied a lot between the generations -- while boomers set their sights on another investment property, the Generation Z kids we spoke to just wanted to get better at mathematics.

Which is the kind of wholesome education goal we heartily endorse for the New Year.

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