Vegemite And Shapes Have Finally United In One Glorious Snack

Together at last!

Vegemite is now available in biscuit form and the new snack is even in the shape of Australia -- in case you needed a reminder of how Aussie the two snacks are.

“We believe the flavour pairing between Shapes and VEGEMITE are made for each other -- and it’s a little baffling that we didn’t partner up before!" said Arnott's Shannon Wright in a statement.

Baffling and frustrating that we've been eating the two items separately all these years when we could have been devouring them in a single chomp. Just think of the time we'll save without having to do all that spreading.

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The crunchy treats have even scored their own epic video featuring Shane Jacobson, Cathy Freeman, Glenn McGrath, Bruce McAvaney, Gian Rooney and a road that looks identical to Neighbours Ramsay Street.

The new bikkies are Vegemite and cheese flavoured which sounds a lot like tiger toast with added crunch -- but sceptics have already voiced their concern about the collaboration.

Naysayers are also quick to remind of us the time in 2015 that Vegemite paired up with Cadbury to make an ~unusual~ chocolate bar.

Honestly, we'd eat that black, sludgy, yeasty, umami spread on just about anything.

Main Image: Arnott's