Hundreds Of UK Pubs Are Banning Wham's 'Last Christmas' From Being Played This Year

And it's not because they don't LOVE what is, arguably, the best Christmas song of all time.

It's because -- just like Mariah Carey's Christmas bop "All I Want For Christmas Is You" -- the catchy tune is played in bars, shopping centres, elevators and by buskers absolutely 'round the clock during the festive season.

So a British radio station decided to challenge its listeners to see how far they could make it through the month of December without hearing the sweet, jingly sounds of "Last Christmas" by Wham!

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Which is no easy feat in the UK -- a place where festive songs are truly revered and regularly top the charts at the end of the year.

So, a chain of pubs has decided to help out Absolute Radio listeners in the 'Whamageddon' challenge by taking "Last Christmas" off their December playlists, according to The Drinks Business. 

Jonathon Swaine -- the managing director of Fuller's Pubs -- said that pubgoers will even score a free beer if they do hear the Wham! track played at any of their 231 bars across the UK.

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Although according to Twitter, the gesture might not make that much of a difference because of the unstoppable, omnipresent force of Wham! during Christmas time.

Whamageddon participants have been sharing their sad tales of how they got 'Whambushed' by "Last Christmas" blaring in a public place this month.

Although one Wham! fan noted that there's no use running from "Last Christmas" -- the only option is submitting fully to the song and letting George Michael's angelic voice wash over you, again and again.

And because we are absolutely not participating in Whamageddon, we're just going to sit here hitting replay on this Christmas gem.

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