This Is The Bizarre Moment Woman Performs Yoga In Her Plane Seat Mid-Flight

Now that's dedication.

A plane passenger who was so determined to get in her daily downward dog -- has been filmed practising her yoga moves mid-flight.

And not in the aisle, either.

The woman, clad in bright yellow yoga pants, stayed in her seat and proceeded to get up on all fours before she began flexing her backside.

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The moment was captured by Instagram user @mobilemadnessman who uploaded the clip with the comment: "Had a funky flight to San Diego".

During the woman's brief session she continued to roll and flex her back -- like a cat -- before leaning back onto her heels.

She faced the window during routine, giving her undoubtedly one of the best views imaginable.

As for the view everyone else had to put up with...

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But those onboard the flight should thank their lucky stars, given the number of gross things passengers engage in while up in the air.

Imagine turning around in your seat to see this.

Twitter user Eric posted the photo, and the response was overwhelming. Almost as overwhelming as the notion that someone would do this in the first place.

But even that monstrosity isn't the worst thing we've ever seen from a plane. Oh no. Not by half.

In June this year a couple were filmed having, well, they were having, erm, sex. on a plane bound for Mexico. Like, in their seats. Arriba.

Here they are.

Brings a whole new meaning to mile high club.

Feature Image: Instagram/ @mobilemadnessman