Nutella Has A New Rival With A Very Important Recipe Change

There's a new hazelnut spread in town -- and it's looking to topple the Ferrero empire.

Italian pasta company Barilla -- usually known for making Napoletana sauce and fettuccine -- is branching out into the dessert biz and launching its own kind of Nutella, Reuters reports.

The rival spread will be called Crema Pan di Stelle which already sounds fancier than plain ol' Nutella -- because it literally translates to 'cream bread of the stars'. Bella!

But the real secret weapon that Barilla is brandishing with their choc spread is that it will leave out a certain ingredient that Nutella uses by the bucketload -- palm oil.

Ferrero -- the family-owned Nutella producer -- ended its use of deforestation palm oil and has become a lot more transparent about their supply chain, but there's still a consumer backlash against the use of the palm oil.

The widely consumed vegetable oil is found in a number of everyday supermarket products but the production process often means rainforests are wiped out and wildlife -- like orangutans -- and endangered, according to Greenpeace. 

So Crema Pan di Stelle will offer consumers a chocolate hazelnut spread you can eat with a spoon straight from the jar, without that pang of environmental guilt.

And besides being palm oil free, it will also contain crumbs of Barilla cookies, which could draw battle lines similar to the famous peanut butter debate.

Whether you prefer a crunchy or smooth choc spread could dictate which brand you align yourself with.

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It also seems that Barilla has launched the product for an ~extremely petty~ reason -- to get back at their Ferrero rivals.

The Nutella producer is reportedly planning to move into the biscuit business -- which, according to Reuters is "a direct challenge to Barilla’s own chocolate cookie brand, Baiocchi."

How deliciously petty.

Crema Pan di Stelle will be released next year and, honestly, we can't wait for Ferrero's next response in this mouth-watering rivalry.

Main Image: Getty Images.