This Man Is Taking Requests To Eat Absolutely Anything On Top Of Ice-Cream

An adventurous -- and very hungry -- man is proving just how weird and wonderful the internet can be.

The ice-cream connoisseur -- known as Eric -- has taken up the challenge to eat pretty much anything you care to list on top of the frozen dessert. Because why not?

Oysters? Guacamole? Chicken wings? An entire burrito? Yep, he's eaten it all.

Reddit user Ben Rosen posted on the site yesterday claiming to have "videos of a guy eating every food as a topping on ice cream".

"I'll respond to any food request in the comments with the appropriate video," he added.

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The YouTube account 'man eating food' has since posted dozens of videos of Eric garnishing his tub of ice-cream with almost every bonkers topping imaginable.

He also manages to do so while making direct eye contact with the camera lens -- which gets a little uncomfortable if you watch too many of the clips.

The contenders for the most vom-inducing ice-cream add-ons include marinara sauce, eel, fish eggs, sea urchin, sauerkraut, spam, sardines and raw onion. There's even a video of poor Eric devouring some Fancy Feast cat food.

It's not all bad, however -- the YouTube hero also gets to chow down on some more palette-pleasing accompaniments -- think brownies, bagels, cookies, honey, potato chips, and even *ice-cream* on ice-cream. 

There was also an Australian request in the Reddit comments for Vegemite -- which, honestly, we think would be worth a try?

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Rosen excitedly replied with a video of Eric eating Marmite on ice-cream before being schooled by an Aussie that they are ABSOLUTELY not the same thing.

"Vegemite is NOT Marmite!," the frustrated commenter wrote. 

Why Is Watching Someone Eat On YouTube So Fascinating?

It's no surprise that people have become so invested in watching Eric eat bizarre food combinations. 'Mukbang' videos have been big on the internet for a while now.

Mukbang is a South Korean phenomenon-- that later spread around the world -- and involves people eating large amounts of food in front of their eager subscribers.

It's been suggested that one of the reasons people follow mukbang stars online is to curb loneliness. Some subscribers will eat their own dinner while watching someone else chow down-- so they're technically not dining alone.

The Future Of Ice-Cream?

So while plenty of people have been enjoying watching Eric eat -- the videos have attracted thousands of hits each in the last 24 hours -- will anyone be inspired to try hashbrowns or cabbage on ice-cream?

He's certainly given us some food for thought next time we're whipping up a tasty dessert -- but we might just stick to good old-fashioned chocolate sauce.

Main Image: YouTube.