It's The Condiment Invention We Didn't Know We Needed

A condiment package that dispenses tomato sauce AND mustard at the same time is finally a reality.

The two-in-one contraption saves condiment lovers precious time and energy by dispensing the perfect ratio of both mustard and ketchup in one simple squeeze.

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The idea was mentioned by the great Cosmo Kramer on season nine, episode two of Seinfeld, the episode aired in September 1997 but nobody seemed to clue onto the brilliance of the idea in mobile form, until recently.

Image: Getty

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The double dog condiment dispenser has been on the market for a while for those to enjoy the double delight in the comfort of their own home but hot dog lovers are no longer confined to the indoors.

It appears the life changing contraption was first spotted in Japan, with a YouTube video posted on April 24, 2017 showing the squeeze packet in use.

There is no word on when the breakthrough in sauce technology will be released in Australia.