The Moment Meghan Markle Got The Shock Of Her Life In Melbourne

After surprise hugs, visiting an Aussie Zoo and just the general experience of becoming a Duchess, you'd think nothing could faze Meghan Markle...

Well, you'd be wrong.

After a busy morning receiving flowers, cards and some adorable baby gifts from the folks of Melbourne, Harry and Meghan made their way to Government House for a reception attended by about 350 people from the community.

The Royals have been right at home meeting and greeting the public in Australia. Image: Getty

Among those present were students from Trinity Grammar, who gave the couple a rundown on their award-winning miniature F1 cars.

But when it came time for the pair to indulge in a little game of their own and race the cars, Meghan wasn't quite prepared for the excitement and honestly, it was adorable.

Keeping ever so cool and calm (as is her way), a clearly joyous Meghan threw her head down in laughter, with even her husband having a cheeky giggle at her reaction.

The couple then moved on from Government House to take a walk down one of the city's famed laneways. Getting out of their car, the pair stood and marveled at a mural created by  Gunnai and Waradgerie man Robert Young.

The couple admiring the work of  Gunnai and Waradgerie man Robert Young. Source: Getty
The couple admiring the work of  Gunnai and Waradgerie man Robert Young. Source: Getty

They then hopped into a nearby eatery  -- Charcoal Lane --  a social enterprise café which offers leadership, mentoring and training programs for young Aboriginal people.

They're expected to have lunch there and there's a few curious things on the menu. According to the cafe, the entree consisted of a "mushroom and quinoa nest and chargrilled kangaroo, and main courses of wild boar, saffron risotto and barramundi".

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Feature Image: Getty