'I Baked For A Prince': What It's Like To Cook For Royalty

It's a fair dinkum pinch me moment  -- being asked by a mate to cook for royalty.

While it's a privilege many (read: most) of us will never get to experience, there are a fair few people in the world who can lay claim to executing it.

Hannah Browne is one of those few people.

Ahead of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's visit to Dubbo, it was announced the couple would be visiting the Royal Flying Doctor's Service to attend the unveiling of a new aircraft.

Apart from the usual pomp and ceremony -- they needed a cake to cut.

Enter Browne.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex cutting into the cake. Image: Supplied.

"A friend whose husband works for the RFD recommended me to bake the cake for when they visited," she told ten daily.

"Baking for royalty ... it was amazing."

The finished masterpiece took 10 hours to make, and was made up of six smaller cakes joined together. 

The cake took 10 hours to make. Image: Supplied.

Measuring in at 20 by 30 inches, it could feed 200 people -- but Browne didn't think Prince Harry would get a taste.

"I didn't think they were going to eat it!" she said.

"I just thought they'd cut it, but wouldn't be allowed to try it."

But The Duke was obviously eager to try it --  licking the knife straight after cutting the cake.

Prince Harry licks the knife after cutting the cake. Image: Hannah Brown Facebook

But forget those long hours spent slaving away behind a hot stove, according to Browne the hardest part about the whole process was not being able to tell anyone she was baking a cake for the royals.

"I was told nearly two weeks before, and I wasn't allowed to say anything, that was hard," she said.

Browne began selling cakes back in 2012 while she completing her HSC, before continuing her home business when her and her husband moved to Dubbo in 2016.

Each rose was made with butter cream. Image: Supplied

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Hannah runs her business 'Mrs Browne's Bakery from her home in Dubbo. Image: Supplied.

And, while she's had many special customers a long the way, none can compare to royalty.

"Not too many people can say they've baked for a Prince," she said.

Feature Image: Supplied