Can You Spot Why This Ad Looks Filthy?

On this edition of "how filthy is your mind"?

We by no means want to judge what this couple does on their holidays, but goodness, this optical illusion has us doing a double take.

An ad poster by Neckermann, a German holiday company, has gone viral because of how some people are seeing it...

In a G-rated world, and the way the picture was actually taken, the man's hand is on his own knee as a woman reclines next to him.

Neckermann's ad promotes a 2-for-1 holiday deal in Dutch.

Now look one more time and see if you can put your finger (or hand) on why it has the internet going nuts.

Still nothing?

Here's a handy diagram for all you sweet, innocent cherubs who still haven't spotted it:

That's right, so according to some, it actually looks like the man's left leg is the woman's right leg, which makes his hand placement look like he's making sure the woman is having a very pleasurable holiday.

However, this isn't the first mistake the company's made.

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Just three days ago, Neckermann's parent company, Thomas Cook, had an "unfortunate" issue with the letters on their planes after they realised that when the doors are open, "I ? COOK'S CLUB" looks a little racier.

So is this two cases of accidental cheekiness or is Thomas Cook just the raunchiest travel agent ever with a great marketing agency?

Feature Image: Neckermann