Run, Don't Walk, This Is The Best Kmart Hack We've Heard

Your shoe collection is about to get a whole lot bigger...

There are Kmart hacks and then there are Kmart hacks but THIS particular one has us queuing up at our local store already.

While a lot of very smart people have had a good old crack at those "hacks" -- where super cheap Kmart products have been into fabulous homewares, kids' cubbyhouses transformed into amazing play mansions and this amazing kids' kitchen being turned into a tool box:

Or this bread bin becoming a makeup station:

Or a book case turning into a fabulous storage unit:

Now there is a whole new reason to shop there without having to transform what you buy into something else.

Kids' shoes.

You see, Kidspot have just told the world that the biggest kids' shoes in Kmart are the equivalent to an adult size 8.

Form an orderly queue, amiright ladies?

These glitter slip ons are just $9

These t-bar sandals?  $6!

Of course, if you have bigger feet that size 8, that isn't going to help you, but perhaps you can make yourself some new shoes using, well we don't know, but we'd love to see the hacks you use if you do make them!

Feature image: Getty